Hoefolle wurden per post is rjocht?

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Kudos nei Indy Confluence foar it oanbringen fan in geweldich netwurkevenemint hjir yn Indianapolis juster. Oars as de measte netwurkeveneminten, Indy Confluence ûnder lieding fan Brett Healey en Erik Dekkers, brocht in paniel hjir yn 'e regio yn om wat advys te jaan oan al har leden. It ûnderwerp fan dizze moanne wie Wêrom is Corporate Blogging Kritysk foar it sukses fan in bedriuw en ik waard útnoege om yn it paniel te wêzen.

It paniel bestie út Chris Baggott, Rhoda Israelov, Rodger Johnson, Kyle Lacy en my.

It wie in geweldige diskusje, mar ien ûnderwerp siet yn myn craw: Hoefolle wurden moat in blogpost hawwe?.

It petear gie de hiele tafel troch en de measte sprekkers drukten op pittige berjochten en it nûmer 250 wurden waard der as optimaal útset. As de iene 'lange kopy' blogger waard ik útstimd troch it paniel.

Foar lêzers fan myn blog wite jo dat ik in blogpost net iens kin ynstelle yn 250 wurden (dit berjocht is in geweldich foarbyld). Ik haw in ton lêzers, geweldige pleatsing fan sykmasjines, en in groeiend oantal abonnees - en ik bin noait kwea! Ik analysearre it oantal wurden per post en fergelike it mei postpopulaasje op myn eigen blog en fûn noait in korrelaasje.

Dizze kear haw ik besletten om nei oare blogs te sjen. Net allinich blogs, hoewol. Ik haw de top 5-resultaten op Google selekteare by it sykjen nei Bloggen foar SEO, Ik figuer elkenien oan 'e boppeste ein fan' e striid sil wat konsistinsje hawwe foar har berjochten dy't my wat ynsjoch kinne leverje. De fiif analysearre blogs wiene SEOmoz, SEO foar Google, Online marketingblog, Hittail Blog, En de Deistige SEO-blog.

Om't dizze blogs in sykresultaat mei hege folume hawwe, nim ik oan dat se beide populêr en relevant binne. Ik luts de lêste 10 blogberjochten per blog foar yn totaal 50 blogberjochten. Dit is op gjin inkelde manier wittenskiplik, mar ik leau dat de resultaten werhelje wat ik yn it paniel bewearde.

wurden per post

Wurden per berjochtresultaten:

  • SEOmoz hie in gemiddelde fan 832.3 wurden per post mei in mediaan fan 512.5 wurden per post.
  • SEO foar Google hie gemiddeld 349.7 wurden per post mei in mediaan fan 315 wurden per post.
  • Top Rank Blogs hienen gemiddeld 742.5 wurden per post mei in mediaan fan 744 wurden per post.
  • Hit Tail Blog hie gemiddeld 255 wurden per post mei in mediaan fan 233 wurden per post.
  • Deistige SEO Blog hie gemiddeld 450.8 wurden per post mei in mediaan fan 507 wurden per post.

De definitive resultaten binne in gemiddelde fan 526 wurden per post en in mediaan fan 447 wurden per post. Fan 'e 50 berjochten berjochten (10 per blog) wiene mar 6 dêrfan minder dan 250 wurden. Yn it ferline haw ik bewiisd dat de grutte fan 'e post gjin ynfloed hat op it lêzerspublyk fan myn blog. No sil ik it nochris sizze, it advys dat ik haw foar Words per Post is dit:

It oantal wurden dat jo per post skriuwe moat it oantal wurden wêze dat it kostet om it haaddoel fan 'e post te foltôgjen. Ik soe tafoegje dat it oantal wurden per post wat konsekwint wêze moat om te foldwaan oan 'e ferwachtingen fan hjoeddeistige lêzers. Ik telle it oantal wurden net - ik soargje derfoar dat as immen myn blogpost fan in sykmasjine resultaat fynt dat se krije wêr't se foar kamen.


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    This information is very new to me. I’ve always divided a topic into several posts when it gets too large because I don’t want my readers to be overwhelmed by an overpowering sense of scrolling terror. Personally, I don’t like sites that I have to scroll down too much. Anyway, you’ve just presented some interesting things here. Perhaps, I should finish a topic in one post even though it would take more than 2500 words. Thanks for posting such an interesting article.

  2. 2

    If the content is relevant and worthwhile, like yours, Doug, then the length is unimportant. On the other hand, if a blogger is just talking to hear himself speak (which is too often the case, unfortunately), then that’s entirely another matter!

  3. 3

    A blog post should have as many words as needed to get your point across.

    Nothing to say? No point = 0 words

    Maybe all you have to say is a sentence. But a really good sentence! You could end up in a book of quotes, for crimminy’s sake!

    Big fat bag of wind, but interesting bag of wind = write on! Let it out. Vent! Rant! Rave! Who cares how many words???? If it makes you feel better, do it! (This is more for the non-professional blogger.)

    People WILL read long posts IF the thoughts are strong enough to pull them along … if the writing is poor, no amount of words or shortage of words can save the post.

    Genôch sein.

  4. 4

    Isn’t the key here content instead of number of words? If you have good content, people will link to you and thus give you Google authority, or keep the discussion alive in the comments and thus give Google the impression your website is updated regularly. And it’s easier to have good content with more then 250 words. Or am I missing something?

    • 5

      For folks who have blogged before, I think this is a no brainer and content is king. However, to the first-time blogger or corporation thinking about blogging, this is a question that comes up constantly so it’s important that we answer it.

  5. 6

    “The number of words you write per post should be the number of words it takes to complete the post?s key purpose”

    That’s the most sensible advice I’ve ever read on this subject.
    (Of course, as someone who writes rather long posts I’m biased 🙂 )

    Regular readers of my blogs say they like my writing style, so I’m not going to change it because some say 250 words should be the max (it also allows a good mix of keywords for the SE’s too).

    Your posts are full of good info and an excellent read, so yes, great advice: don’t follow ‘the accepted norm’; find what works best for you and stop counting the words 🙂

  6. 7

    I really tried to make this point when we were talking about the topic on the panel at Confluence. You do it with MORE class. 🙂

    @Cynthia Love the fact you said Vent, Rant, and Rave. The most read posts on my blog are when I am ranting and raving about something. 🙂

    • 8

      There’s a lot of misinformation in this industry and no one really has the magic bullet! Google still gives me bad search results sometimes and other times I stink at getting a post written well.

      I think it’s important to dispel the ‘opinions’ with some data to back it up! We’re still learning.

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    Nothing like using data to over-rule opinion.  My personal opinion on article (blog or otherwise) is “Good Writing Wins!”  The better the writing (grammar, content, narrative flow, etc.) the longer I will read it.

  11. 14

    Thank you for this post because I’ve been trying to figure this out.  Most of my posts are from 350 to 450 words per post.  I know when I go to a blog and the post is over 500 words, I just skim over it.  I don’t really think most people like to read long blogs.  I try to get my point across in less than 500 words.  Perhaps I’m wrong.  Anyway, just my thinking.  Sally

    • 15

      I definitely agree that folks are reading less.  We push our clients to use bulleted points, good images, and bold/emphasis wherever they can to capture the ‘skimmers’.  If you’re consistent, I think that matters more… so people can come to expect the same thing with each visit.

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    Last month in a conversation with several friends led by Allison Carter and Jeremy Zucker it was concluded the right number of words per post was as you say, “The number of words it takes to complete the post’s key purpose.”

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    Good useful info. I felt that much over 700 words would cause the reader to be lost. Thanks for providing the documentation.

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      I’m confident it has, @mikemorrison1:disqus, although my writing hasn’t changed much. Search engines are more appreciative of ‘thicker’ posts now with multiple media types, more text and more elements (bulleted text, subheadings, etc.)

  18. 24

    There are no hard and fast rules how much word per post is right. That is depends on the topic of post, how much post need to be describable in detailed. The post can have the different categories like some post are small, medium and long tail. The same standards are described in this post are seams had an average 832.3 words per post with a median of 512.5 words per post. The top tank blog had an average 742.5 words per post with a median of 744 words per post.

  19. 25
    • 26

      We haven’t rerun this analysis in years but it may be time. I believe that Google is looking far more at “thicker” pages with more words per page than in the past. Directories have been fluctuating in rank demonstrably over the last couple years. We try to have a minimum of 250 words and really try to hit 500 to 1000 words with the posts we’re trying to rank on.

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