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As Facebook and Google become ingrained into virtually every action we make on the web, the lines of privacy and security are becoming more blurred and dependent upon these vendors. I'm not thrilled with either Google or Facebook in these areas of concern. While both appear to be doing a great job at securing our information from evildoers, I'm concerned that they are becoming evil themselves.

By controlling both the advertising and the content side of the business – and marrying the two together – they have unprecedented insight into our lives. That makes the two a premier target for hackers and identity thieves. The ability to block how they extract this data is available through a complex series of permissions and settings; however, those limitations don't just impact advertising… they impact the user experience as well. So… many of us don't bother!

Yn tradisjonele media wie dit altyd in line dy't noait waard oerstutsen. Advertearders soene nea ynfloed hawwe op nijs as oarsom. Yn it wylde westen befine wy ​​ús yn, de tafels binne draaid en dizze Goliaths kontrolearje sawol de ynhâld as de reklame.Veracode hat dizze Infographic levere oer hoe't de twa fergelykje as it giet om feiligens en privacy:
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IMO, as consumers begin to understand just how this data is leveraged (and sometimes abused), they'll be pushing back and more and more legislation, regulations and even lawsuits will begin to arise!

Veracode Application Security leveret in automatysk, wolkbasearre platfoarm foar detectie fan kwetsberens dat befeiligingsfouten identifiseart yn tapassingskoade. D'r is neat te ynstallearjen of te konfigurearjen? Wat betsjut dat jo hjoed kinne begjinne mei testen en brekmeitsje.

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