Easy Advocacy: A Free Advocacy Tool for Social Media

Easy Advocacy

A story that’s never left me is one that friend Mark Schaefer shared years ago when speaking at a conference. He discussed an international brand that had hundreds of thousands of employees. Their social media team was producing an endless stream of social media content… that virtually no one was responding to nor sharing. Mark asked what kind of impression did that company make when the brand’s own employees didn’t engage nor share the content the company was producing?

Of course, there are some employees that keep their personal lives separate from their social profiles. However, there are always a collection of employees that are recognized in their industry, well-trusted by your customers and peers, and who can echo and amplify the marketing reach of your organization. Why aren’t you utilizing them?

There are also influencers within your partner network and client base who can share your social media marketing. Are you tapping into those people as well?

Easy Advocacy: A Free Platform from Agorapulse

I’ve been a long-time fan of the company and tools from Agorapulse. Their social inbox platform, in my opinion, is the best on the market. The company started out self-funded, incredibly responsive to features, is cost-effective, and provides a beautiful interface where agencies and corporations can monitor, measure, publish, and respond to every social media channel from a single user interface. Agorapulse has also been a client of mine… and I continue to be an affiliate for them.

Agorapulse realized that there was a great opportunity for employee and influencer advocacy opportunities to spread their own message, so they created Easy Advocacy, a free social media advocacy platform.

Features of Easy Advocacy

  • Quick Campaign Set-Up – Run an organized, full-fledged advocacy campaign in fewer than XNUMX minutes. Enter the emails on your distribution list, copy the URL of what you want to share and add a description, and click send!
  • Make Sharing Content Easy – Your employees will find everything they need to share in one location. Your message can be spread to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or via email.
  • Know How Far Your Content Reached – Immediately see which campaigns are working and getting the most clicks and visitors. See who on your distribution list is the most engaged and delivers the most views! Having a visible leaderboard encourages employees to maximize results.

This isn’t just another free tool thrown out on the market, the team at Agorapulse utilizes the tool to share their articles and promotions with their own employees and their influencer network… including me! As an advocate for their work, I can assure you that it makes my life much easier since all of the messaging and links are pre-written and formatted. I can make minor tweaks to personalize the message – and share it within seconds.

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