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saaklike bloggingYou've put a lot of effort into your business site or bedriuwsblog, it's time to tune it up. We wrote Corporate Blogging for Dummies to help businesses leverage blogging to build authority and acquire leads online. Although the book is concentrated on blogging and blogging platforms, the theories extend to a corporate website right down to a pay-per-click landing page.

Many of you have already began reading the book and the feedback has been exhilarating. We knew we had a best-seller – but didn't realize how great the book would be received. Some folks have personally written and let us know that their traffic and conversions are already up on their blog within weeks of deploying some of the strategies. Awesome!

What we've not seen to this point, though, is reviews on Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, Shelfari, en Glue.

If you review the book online, we'll do a review of your site or blog and provide you with some constructive feedback regarding design, search engine optimization, conversion optimization and overall impact. We'll even write it in a post and explain to readers what it is that you do. We used to do this on this blog and called it “Blog Tipping”… and they made for great posts!

The only rule is that you must have read Corporate Blogging for Dummies and you must send the link of the review in the comments of this post. Once you do, we'll get started. If you put some work into your review, we'll put some work into yours!

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